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In-patient Programme

The In-Patient Programme is an individually tailored 6-week residential treatment program that provides treatment for the problem drinker/alcoholic or drug user away from their usual work or family environment. In our safe and supportive recovery community, the individual has the opportunity to regain their physical and psychological health through participating in individual and group cognitive behavioral therapy sessions.

Our In-Patient treatment model is 12-step based and includes a variety of evidence based treatment modalities, including medically monitored detoxification.

Medically Monitored Detoxification


Detoxing from drugs/alcohol is a delicate process that needs to be monitored by a qualified doctor and 24 hour nursing staff. Once the substances being abused have been identified, the medical team structures and monitors the detox of the patient using medication where necessary.

Psychiatric consultation


All our clients are evaluated by our Psychiatrist to determine is there are any psychiatric disorders that need to be treated along with their addiction. Treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders is necessary so that the client can be equipped to fully participate in their treatment programs.

Individual Psychotherapy with Psychologist


In addition to having Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in their group sessions and assignments, Individual psychotherapy helps the client treat their specific psychological needs.

Family support group


Addiction is a disease that not only affects the addict but the family and loved ones. The family support program offers a supportive treatment group where family members can learn about addiction and how it affects them. In this healing environment families communicate with each other and address how to tackle the issues that addiction has fostered in their lives.

Written assignments


Are completed by all patients around a range of topics such as Guilt and Shame, Powerlessness, Unmanageability, Gratitude.

Group therapy


Clients support each other in group sessions, addressing issues around their addiction such as Denial, Powerlessness and Damages.

Relapse prevention


It is guaranteed that once leaving in-house treatment, clients will be faced with situations and pressure to use their drug of choice. It is crucial that clients understand how to face this pressure and maintain their sobriety.

Art therapy


Is a relaxed and creative therapeutic technique that allows the clients to express themselves and their emotions, bringing them closer to emotions that have been numbed during active addiction.

Out-patient Programme

This 9 week programme is designed for individuals who need treatment but do not require the additional support and safety that the residential treatment provides. In this programme the client is allowed to gradually modify their behaviors within the ongoing context of their daily life with the support provided by their counselor and social support groups.

One on One Counseling with the Addiction Counselor


The counselor has individual sessions with the client that focus on psychological issues, family issues, defense mechanisms such as denial, among other issues that will affect the recovery process.

Social Support Group


During the out-patient treatment program, the client will be introduced to a group session that includes other patient with the same treatment issues so as to share with each other and learn from the others on how to deal with various issues that they face. The sessions are facilitated by an addictions counselor. It is a non-judgemental group that supports each patient.

Family Support Group


At Nairobi place, our treatment is holistic. We view addiction as a family disease, thus the whole family has to be treated and involved in the patient’s treatment process for successful outcome of the treatment plan. The family is introduced to other families with similar issues to learn of the disease, gain insight, as well as support each other in the treatment process.

12 Step Meeting


The out-patient program also encourages patient to join the AA meetings where other patients who are in recovery share their stories which encourages member to stay focused in working their program. We introduce patients to Step work so that they fully comprehend their own powerlessness.

Psycho Education


At the out- patient program, we work towards giving the patients information that will help the client gain insight to their issues, come up with possible solutions to their issues, and help them towards achieving their goal. As much as the information is structured for the program, it is also tailor made to suit each client’s needs.


Family Programme

Family members and significant others become very much part of the recovery process. It is important that family members learn to understand the disease of addiction and how to give priority to fulfilling their own needs and to detach from their desire to control the patient.

One-to-one counselling sessions, conjoint meetings and an open Family Recovery meeting in the evenings are part of the Program at Nairobi Place.

Out-patient Intensive Treatment

Unlike the Out-Patient programme that is run on a part time basis (three sessions per week). The Intensive Out-Patient programme is run on a full time basis and the treatment plan is designed to meet the specific client’s needs.

The primary care giver in this programme is the addictions counselor who works with the client to assess the needs of the client and together come up with a treatment plan than addresses the specific issues confronting the client. Because the programme is completely personalized to the client, the time frame of the treatment is open ended and will terminate when both the client and counselor determine that the client has accomplished the goals they had set out to achieve through the treatment.