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How can I tell if I am addicted or not?

aWhen you get to a point where you do not have the will power to stop yourself from using a substance or a certain behaviour, it means you are at the dependency level or you are addicted. You need to seek professional help or guidance to help you build your strength to change your life choices and discover your life’s potential.

How do I help someone who doesn't see that they have a problem?

aMajority of the inquiries we get are not from the individual who needs treatment but from their loved ones who recognize that there is a problem and are anxious to try and help. We are sensitive to the feelings of helplessness and being overwhelmed that the family or loved ones of the addict are going through and we provide support and guidance to the family of the addict from the moment that they reach out to help their loved one.

Can you guide us on how to offer an intervention to an addict?

aOne of the aspects of addiction is denial. Here the person cannot see that their abuse of drugs/alcohol is destroying their life and affecting their loved ones. It is therefore many times difficult to suggest help to your loved one when they don’t think they have a problem. Our admission staff focuses on guiding the family or loved ones of the individual through the process of getting their loved ones into treatment. This includes educating the family on how to approach their loved one as well as setting up an intervention where a member of our clinical team is present as the family confronts their loved one on their concerns about their substance abuse.

How can I participate in the family support programme?

aWhen you have a loved one who is abusing drugs/alcohol, their behavior not only affects them but the family as a whole. The family program is where family members of individuals in treatment can meet in a healthy and safe environment and work to bring understanding and healing to themselves as they learn about the nature of addiction and how addiction has affected them and their relationships with their loved one. Facilitated by a member of a clinical team, the sessions held on Saturday morning (10.00a.m) are an excellent venue for family members to air out their concerns and receive insight and guidance from our clinical team on how to tackle the specific challenges met by each individual in the family.

Do you offer individual family counselling programmes?

aAlthough it is your loved one receiving treatment for their disease, addiction leaves the family and loved ones with unresolved issues that alone can be very difficult to face and move past. Our psychologist provides one-on-one psychotherapy sessions to the loved ones of the person in care. This provides the family members with specialized support in overcoming the pain inflicted on them and brings about mental and emotional healing.

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