Welcome to the Nairobi Place Addiction and Treatment Centre.
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We Believe Every Person is Capable of Change

Our goal is to re-empower those who have become trapped by addiction and alcoholism

Every member of Nairobi Place has these characteristics in common:

  • Passion and optimism
  • Passion for the project
  • Optimism for all suffering alcoholics and addicts.

With these characteristics we believe we can provide a safety net for those broken by their illness and a centre of support for those who are in the long process of healing.

Our team is qualified, experienced and passionate about treating addiction

detox centre in Kenya
Our Philosophy

We aim to provide an international standard treatment and to develop a centre where recovering alcoholics obtain ongoing support and assistance.

We believe that this will reduce the occurrence of relapse which is such a prevalent part of this illness and will help recovering addicts and alcoholics to consolidate their recovery process.

It is true that the values of the leader of any organization will filter through to all staff members. As the leader of our clinical team my values and approach to the treatment process will inevitably affect our team. We would like to share our approach to all those suffering from the disease of addiction.

detox centre in Kenya
We Believe:
  • We believe every person is capable of change.
  • We believe every person, once they have become trapped by the vicious cycle of addiction, or the nightmare phase as we call it, wants help but is unable to ask for it
  • We believe that no-one can change anyone else
  • We are, therefore, facilitators who help people to identify areas that they need to change and identify reasons for why they should.
  • We believe all chemically dependent people carry a deep sense of shame as well as a sense of hopelessness that they will never manage daily life without the use of mood-altering substances
detox centre in Kenya
Our Approach
  • Treating every patient with dignity and respect
  • We will see each person as a whole, not merely an addict or alcoholic
  • We will practise unconditional positive regard towards our clients and affirm them in their courageous struggle to tackle their illness
  • We will do everything in our power to dismantle a client’s denial system and help them face the reality of their illness
  • We will do everything in our power to help our clients rebuild their self-esteem, to develop strong support systems and become pro-active in their new life.

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